My life has seen a certain lack of applause

At least when you think about Clapton —

And is it because I never learned Chinese?

Or that I never uncovered a proclivity

For the knitting needle?

Or the need to tame tigers,

Or the unquenchable desire

To cross the sea in a kayak?


The Great Awakening

When she woke there was his head on her pillow, like it belonged. Her arm was a sash below his folded hands, and all three rested on his rising chest, forever. The first thought she had that morning, then, as her shoulder lay like a sweet pancake on top of his, was astonishment that the eyelash on her lover’s cheek would ever consider escape. tumblr_m47fxmkCrK1qhwidio1_400

“Your Generation Is Having Less Sex, Too — Did You Know That?”

Since when did money make a man

And not the other way around?

“It wasn’t always this way,” he said,

turning the cab uptown. “It used to be a man

was a man who thought of others.”

He shook his head back and forth,

across the park. I blink to think about it,

remembering the headdresses of chiefs

and love notes from open-hearted boys

I’ve been to see at the museum.