“Your Generation Is Having Less Sex, Too — Did You Know That?”

Since when did money make a man

And not the other way around?

“It wasn’t always this way,” he said,

turning the cab uptown. “It used to be a man

was a man who thought of others.”

He shook his head back and forth,

across the park. I blink to think about it,

remembering the headdresses of chiefs

and love notes from open-hearted boys

I’ve been to see at the museum.

You Could Be Anywhere

Taming lions is the first thing that comes to mind

The first sequence is the sequins, if you will.

Syria seems likely somehow, given how brave you are

or maybe you’ve been up four hours before me

teaching high school history, though it’s probable

too you’re sleeping still, ahead of this evening’s matinee.

Who’s to say? Certainly not me.

Though I’d have preferred another ten years with you,

the stories you filled them with will have to do.


The Pleasure Of Your Company Is Requested

It surprises her that planning a

life without a husband is so much

more peaceful than planning a wedding

without a groom. In the three years since,

she regrets not

one penny spent on the rose

bouquets she’s bought herself, and

has long stopped plucking the

petals to see who loves her, or not.

She only hopes

that, after everything,

she will find real him in time

for the end of everything.

She has never swum in the ocean

or grown a garden

with someone she truly loved.

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